About Us

"People still use pagers?" We hear this question all of the time and the answer is a resounding "yes"! TeleBEEPER of New Mexico, Inc. has been providing paging and two-way radio service throughout the state for ever 20 years. We offer the most comprehensive statewide paging coverage available as well as a variety of two-way radio services in Albuquerque and surrounding areas.

In these hard economic times, companies as well as individuals are looking to cut costs wherever possible. One way to reduce your communication cost is by replacing costly cell phones with their overcharges and hidden fees with a pager or two-way radio which offers unlimited airtime for one low, flat rate.

You may notice the "Send a Page" tab at the top of your screen. This is one of several ways to send a text message To any alphanumeric pager with TeleBEEPER service. We also offer a free direct e-mail address you can use to send or recieve a quick message from friends, family or the office.

TeleBEEPER of New Mexico has been serving New Mexico since July of 1986. Being Locally owned, we understand the needs of the people in New Mexico. We provide immediate service to our customers from a local level. TeleBEEPER of New Mexico is known for supplying a wide variety of communication needs.

Technical Staff

TeleBEEPER of New Mexico has a reputation for excellent customer service. Our technical staff is on call 24 hours a day to insure that our clients receive reliable superior communications. We have a professional office staff to assist with billing questions, equipment operations and general inquires. Our field representatives are communications specialists who provide individual consultation and keep clients informed of the latest in communications equipment, technology and services.

System Descriptions

TeleBEEPER of New Mexico has installed state of the art fixed network and transmission equipment to supply the customer with the finest service available today, and will continue to make system improvements as required, to maintain peak performance.

You will find that our paging systems have excellent building penetration and covers dead spots others cannot reach. Our transmitters will deliver a clear message to your pager with the only TRUE Statewide paging service in New Mexico all of West Texas, and Las Vegas, Nevada.


Paging equipment brands offered are Motorola, NEC, and DavisComm products. Should your leased pager malfunction, we will immediately replace it with another unit (same pager number) at no additional charge. All page group numbers are also available.

Two-way radio brands offered are Kenwood, Midland and Motorola. From high tier public safety to just plain convenience there is a radio that will fit almost any particular operational need.