Pager Airtime

TeleBEEPER of New Mexico, Inc. offers unlimited airtime for all paging services. We currently offer three different types of paging: numeric display, voice message and alphanumeric display.

Numeric Display messaging allows for the caller to enter a phone number where they can be reached, usually up to 20 characters.

Voice message paging enables the caller to leave a short voice message, which is then received and immediately played for the pager user.

Alphanumeric Display messaging allows for the pager to receive a text message of up to 500 characters depending on the capability of the equipment.

We offer a variety of ways in which to send a text message including a free direct e-mail address, the convenient Send a Page feature from our website and InfoRad messaging software. Pagers can also receive text messages from a cell phone if it is sent as an e-mail message. Or, you can directly text a pager from any touch tone telephone.

You may also wish to enhance any of these options with some of our other services such as a voice mailbox, custom announce, which allows you to record a personal greeting and page insure so you never have to worry about missing a page!


Radio Airtime

TeleBEEPER of New Mexico offers State of The Art Wireless Two Way Radios systems for your operation.

Let TeleBEEPER enhance your productivity and save you time and money on your day to day operation.

Ready to address your wireless needs. TeleBEEPER has a solution for you.

TeleBEEPER of New Mexico provides airtime services for Motorola Privacy Plus Radios.
Kenwood Passport, LTR, APCO 25, and conventional Radios.
Midland Conventional, and APCO 25 Radios.

Contact us today with your wireless needs.